Another Christmas gone

All that build up  to Christmas 2015 and in a blink of an eye it’s gone. All the stress of making sure you have the right present, carefully wrapping it so it looks perfect and then with a few rips the present is open and the paper is strewn all over the floor for the dogs to attack.

Why do we do it every year? We build ourselves up to have a christmas like the ones in the movies, when in reality its stressful, causing families to disintegrate and can be one of the most lonely times ever. For me it makes me miss those who are no longer around like my dad, nan and my son Jack.

This year due to the husband having to work over the holiday period, we are not able to go home to Hastings to see the family, however we are in Dorset, spending it together with my son and his girlfriend.

So now it’s boxing day and we’re chilling and eating rubbish with the resolve that come new year, we’ll be making a concerted effort to diet and exercise to have that perfect body for the holiday in March….

So for now I say goodbye to Christmas 2015 and look forward to spending New Years Eve 2015 with my son and his girlfriends family.


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