The tree is down

and so this is now the end of Christmas 2015. Our tree is now down and packed away in the spare room until December 2016, which seems so far away, however in a blink of an eye it will be here again.

Is it because i’m getting older or because i’ve possibly lost the magic of Christmas, that this year I did not feel christmassy (is that even a word?) at all. It just felt like a normal day as we didn’t even have a turkey. Hubby played on the PS4  as usual and I sat knitting hats for the local premature baby unit. Normal day in the Bourner household…. We haven’t even had an alcoholic drink! What’s wrong with us?

So now the tree is down and the front room is all nice and tidy, reality hits and I have an essay due in by the 25th January and I start my first placement in a weeks time! The only good part of Christmas is that you can blame your laziness and procrastination on the holidays, now it’s time to be an adult again….

Oh I hate being an adult sometimes! Responsibility sucks… God I loved being a child, all that freedom, climbing monkey tree’s, running through the fairy fields… Oh to be a child again….. I am reliving my inner child tonight with popping candy on trifle.. I’m just missing the coke floats to go with it though.. My dad used to make the most amazing coke floats.

So for tonight, I will leave you with a picture of my trifle with popping candy while I now do that traditional listing of my New Years resolutions for tomorrow’s blog post….. Good night, God bless.

Popping candy


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