Married to my best friend

5 years ago I met and fell in love with the most gorgeous person inside and out, my husband Shane. 

I am such a lucky person. He cares for me like no one has ever cared for me in my life. He gave me the strength and confidence to be the strong and independent woman I am today! 

When we first got together I was a mess both physically and mentally. I was a size 4, weighed 5 stone and I didn’t really cared what happened to me. I’d given up on myself. When Shane entered my life, he gave me hope.  

When things happen in life you can internalise them too much and blame yourself entirely. Shane helped me to understand that not everything is my fault and that people who constantly blame me of things are those who refuse to accept their faults.  

Shane taught me how to accept my faults and how to learn from them. By no means am I a saint. I’ve done a lot of crap stuff in my life, but I’m not a nasty person. 

Shane tells me every day how beautiful I am and how much I make him smile and laugh. He’s helped me to love myself and to love my body, something I hated because it had let me down with my lupus. 

People say that as humans we were made with 4 arms and legs and that we were divided into two and  would spend our entire life finding that other half of you, your soul mate, well I found mine in Shane. 

When we first got together, people didn’t think we’d last and others were against us and yet here we are, 5 years later, married and more in love each day. 

The day I married Shane was one of the happiest days of my life. I’ve never felt so alive as I do today with Shane by my side. I’m the most important person in my husbands life and for me that is a first and it’s a nice feeling. When he puts his arms around me I feel safe, loved and wanted and I’m the most precious thing to my husband. 

Our marriage hasn’t always been easy due to his job or other external factors. We live each day as if he could be called away tomorrow because no-one ever knows what’s round the corner. 

Being married to Shane makes me so proud, the fact that he wears a uniform is an extra bonus 😉

If you fall in love with someone and don’t know whether to take that chance, I would say go for it because life is for living……… ❤️


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