Valentine’s Day 

5 1/2 years ago I went to Pirbright to meet a soldier thinking it was just a one off! After all, everyone knows the rumours about soldiers! They are the fuck them and forget them type! Boy how wrong was I! We fell in love and now fast forward to today and we’re more in love than we were back then. 

 Shane surprises me all the time with little gifts to show how much he loves me. These gifts are not monetary gifts, they are simple things like me coming home after a long placement day to the housework being done, or the washing basket empty, the dishwasher sorted or dinner cooked….. 

Shane’s motto is “Expect the unexpected” and with Shane that’s what you get. 

Today I was woken to breakfast and this is what I got…. Toast into the letters of I love you, scotch pancakes into hearts and a rose….. 

So to my husband. Thankyou for everything you do for me and for loving me and here’s to many more years ahead of us… 



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