January blues

So if you’re like me then you’re probably suffering with the January blues… It’s that black hole between having geared up for Christmas and now getting ready for spring…. Except mine has been crazy placement time, Christmas, back to uni and now deadline after deadline of assignment work due in… I have an essay due in on the 17th January, another essay due in on the 7th February and then a role play and transcript due in on the 20th/23rd February…. At the same time of being in lectures…. Life is definitely like a rollercoaster at the moment and I cannot get off because I am half way through my nursing and can say that next year I qualify as a mental health nurse…. Plus as one good dear departed friend Della once said “Mel you’re tenacious like a rabid dog” lol… In my terms I am a stubborn old cow …..

At the start of the year I had all these good intentions of being fit and healthy and having a rocking bod! yeah so that has kind of been put to the wayside and it is easier to be snuggled under the cover and eat crap instead 🙂 

So this is where my friends come in… Hubby bought me a fitbit for christmas which I wear every day for my step count etc, but I am lacking in doing much exercise apart from my weekly clubbercise session which I love…… So if you have a fitbit, please do add me and cheer me or taunt me to get me to do some more exercise because god knows I need it to get more energy… Add me here Mel’s fitbit 




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