Week in Bourners world

So it has been a little over a week since I last updated my blog. Lots of things have been happening from uni work to mingling with stars in Bromley…..

The week started with my normal trip to uni where I curse every slow driver and shake my head in desperation at lorries making my travel time even longer… There seems to be a lot of traffic on the road between Blandford and Bournemouth at the moment and especially from 07.30 onwards! If I leave home at 07.30, it takes me until nearly 09.30 to travel 22 miles to Bournemouth! If I leave at 07.00, it takes me until between 07.55 and 08.10 to travel the same distance! Every morning though there is a Nissan micra whose top speed must be 25 MPH and it likes to hold up all the traffic! This one car can cause a 2 mile tail back and they don’t seem to have a care in the world! It grips my shit lol and breathe!

So after abusing a few drivers, I came across this van and I was quite happy to sit behind it…


It took the boredom away of being in a traffic jam for 10 minutes anyway…..

So Uni this week was overloading my brain…. I had an assignment due in on Tuesday and this was me towards the end of last week…


I was on the verge of quitting lol..There was so much to do and rather than attack things in little chunks, I was looking at it in huge chunks and thinking OH MY GOD… I am never going to be able to do this, but low and behold, I did manage to do it and I submitted my essay 4 days early, phew.. That is a first for me.. Normally I am panicking at the last-minute…. So now I was more like this:


So once this essay was handed in, the week was mostly mine and I was looking forward to so much….. I have kept up with one of my goals of keeping fit and every week I join this mad bunch of people in Clubbercise.


This was taken before we started so we all look quite normal in this lol… Give it 10 minutes and once Ricky has started with us we are crawling along the floor….

Last weekend hubby and I celebrated 6 years together so we went away to Bromley for the weekend, I know not the most romantic place, but needs must…

My husband is one of the most amazing and supportive people I know. When he is away and I am down, he sends me crazy pictures like this to cheer me up.


Last weekend wasn’t just about mine and hubbies anniversary… 3 years ago while on honeymoon in Sousse, Tunisia, we met an amazing couple Neil and Sabrina and their son Jake…. One of Neil’s best friends is Fabrizio Santino who played Ziggy Roscoe in Hollyoaks… Well as a big Hollyoaks fan this excited me loads 🙂 A few weeks ago Neil asked if I wanted to meet Fab and I was like “Do you really need to ask”! Silly question really… Not only did I get to meet Fab, I also met some really great people who I will be friends with for life…..

So this weekend we travelled to Bromley and our first stop was El Parasol Tapas in Bromley which is owned by Fab’s uncle and it is a truly amazing place. The staff are so helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them..Sitting with Fab having tapas was a surreal experience… He is a normal, down to earth Londoner who likes a laugh and is definitely a cheeky chappie… It was kind of weird sitting with who I knew as Ziggy Roscoe from Hollyoaks listening to him talk and imagining Leila telling me off for chatting to her husband lol…… After dinner we were then moved into Fab’s new bar next door Bar Rumour where we spent a little while as the only ones in the club, which was an experience.. His bar is lush and very posh, too posh for the likes of dragged up me lol….


The whole night was amazing… Meeting new friends like Symone and her partner Martin who have the same sense of humour as shane I was brilliant… The night ended up in condiments in packets being launched at each other and just fits of hysterical giggles….

So that has been the past week for me and every day I thank my lucky stars for the amazing people I have in my life, the ones missing and my new friends….


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