Aidan’s Activity Fund 

Please help support this fabulous cause….

We plan to complete the Rough Runner course on Sunday the 9th April 2017 for Aidan’s Activity Fund. We would greatly appreciate all the support we can get, this is a charity very close to our hearts. This course is 5km long and made up of many obstacles, testing teamwork, strength, stamina and will power!

Alice: I am excited and nervous to be taking on this challenge! I am a full time student mental health nurse; finding time to train and build my strength for this has been difficult. I have recently been diagnosed with a condition called endometriosis this can be crippling, battling this will be a huge achievement. Having spent plenty of time in hospitals myself, I understand how important a distraction can be, not only does it cure boredom but it also relieves any anxieties. It is going to be a huge achievement for myself.

Imogen: Having visited friends or family in hospital, I’ve noticed there isn’t an awful lot for kids to occupy themselves whilst waiting to be seen. I understand the need for this charity as it will make hospitals less daunting for young patients and keep them occupied. This is going to be a challenge for me as I haven’t ran since school! Can’t wait to complete this course with one of my bestest friends.

Aidan’s Activity Fund has been created in memory of a sweet 11 year old boy, who sadly passed away with Leukemia. During Aidan’s time on the Children’s wards, all he ever complained about was being bored. The Nurses and Play Staff would bring in activities from home; that they had paid for themselves for all the children to enjoy whilst they were staying there. The funds aim is to ensure that no child is ever bored again on the Children’s Wards at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. 

So far Aidan’s Activity Fund have donated; activity packs, Ipads, DVD’s and DVD players, games plus much more. Alongside all these donations, a Teenagers Room is being built. 

To find out more please visit:


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