Fabulous Fridayย 

So this is one of my first picture collages using the new Moonstruck 3D Finer Lashes +


and the splash liquid lipstick in Sentimental 


The top right hand picture is my eye with no mascara on and the 2nd one down is with the mascara on… You can also just wear the transplanting gel on it’s own without the fibers! 

I applied the lipstick at 07.00am and then I went to university all day, so I was talking, eating and drinking and not once did I have to reapply it! Normally with my lipstick I have to reapply it at least once, but this stayed until 22.30 when I needed makeup wipes to remove it! That was 15.5 hours of talking, eating, drinking, pursing my lips together! I will say though because I believe in being honest, that by the time I took it off it was starting to fade in the middle and was only leaving the outline, but that’s not bad for 15.5 hours wear! 

The same for the mascara, it needed no touch ups at all! It was easy to apply and if you know me then you’ll know that I am clumsy lol… It also stayed all day as well! 

I have to say that when I saw all my friends doing this I thought yeah yeah, it cannot be that good, but it really is… I am also not one for wearing vibrant colours as I would rather fade into the background than stick out, but I felt like I wanted to stand out in this colour! My lips felt amazing all day. Hey never once dried out and felt moisturised and soft…. 

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<3 Confidence comes with practice <3ย 

So people that know me now that I’m mouthy and sometimes a little inappropriate as well, but believe it or not, I have no confidence at all…. Most of the time I blag it, so when my colleague suggested I video opening my new presenters kit, I initially said yes, but then afterwards I was like “what the hell have I said yes for”! 

I tried videoing it, but a 5 minute video took over an hour to upload as I have bad WiFi! So instead I decided to bite the bullet and go live! 

So here are my 2 videos for you to watch ๐Ÿ™‚ 


And this is the kit I talk about in the video…. 

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Make up mad

ยฃ300 worth of make up for ยฃ69! Why not be a kitnapper and just buy the kit for yourself and not join! No strings!

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Currently the kit contains

ยฃ12 Y-Cash
Younique-branded, oval case
Coupon for Younique-branded, purple faux-leather makeup bag
Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 1**
Splurge Cream Shadow โ€” Hopeful
Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner
Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner โ€” Perfect
Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick โ€” Sentimental
Moodstruck Precision Pencil Lip Liner โ€” Plush
Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss โ€” Lucid
Younique Royalty Pore Purifying Cleanser
Younique Royalty Uplift Beauty Serum
Younique Royalty Rose Water Toning Spritz
Deluxe Eye Brush
Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush
Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask Sample Sachet (3)
Touch Foundation Sample Card
White Status Presenter Charm
ZenPrint Promotional Card
Catalog โ€” March 2017
Presenter Guide

**Presenter Kit contents are subject to change

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ย โ˜˜ May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks โ˜˜ย 


I’m so excited to announce that we are launching in Ireland on the 1st July ๐Ÿ˜ 

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Do you, or do you know anyone who lives in Ireland? 

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Do you, or do you know anyone who LOVES Makeup?

If you do PLEASE message me, this could be LIFE CHANGING  for them and I would hate for them to miss out. 



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Stop tearing each other down and start Uplifting, Empowering and Validating people in your life โค 

One of the most amazing things in life is Empowering someone to achieve their dreams… 


Mental health stigmaย 

1 in 4 of us will suffer from Mental Health problems! That means in a family of 4, 1 of them will have symptoms of Mental Health at some point in their lives! Sadly because we don’t see mental health as the same as physical health, the way in which we support people in their recovery is completely different… If someone has a physical health problem then flowers and cards are bought, telephone calls  supportive messages and visits are made, yet when someone suffers from Mental Health problems, they are ignored like they have the plague! 

Did you know that within mental health  their recovery is helped by just a kind word, a supportive ear and sometimes even a cup of tea! 

Let’s start today by reducing the stigma of mental health! If you know someone suffering with a mental health problem, send them a supportive message. You never know, you may just have saved their life! 

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Be kind to yourselfย 

This is so true! The way in which you behave towards yourself, sets the way in which you treat others! Be kind to yourself to help you to be kind to others โค