Sitges 2018

When thinking about how to write this post and what to put in it, I was wonderingย  howย  I would do that without people thinking I have been brainwashed into some cult or that it is some sort of scam! You see over this past week I have experienced and seen some of the most amazing things that I want to share with the world and I am truly buzzing….

On the 2nd May, I boarded a plane bound for Sitges in Spain. This wasn’t a holiday, this was a chance to spend some time with my up lines and to learn more about the business I am in…


The day we left had already been a very special day with someone coming back into my life, so I felt like I was already flying high above the clouds…

were off.jpg

We got to our apartment in the early hours of the morningย and after a few hours sleep and lots of coffeeย we spent some time around Sitges having breakfast




After breakfast a trip to Barcelona was in order ๐Ÿ™‚ On leaving Sitges it was sunny and warm, however in Barcelona it was raining, but that didn’t stop us having fun… We walked around the city looking at things and taking it all in…..




After Barcelona, we went back to Sitges to our room and got ready to go and have some dinner…. One of the ladies in our group had just reached pink status so our lovely up line bought a bottle of champagne to recognise this….




Only trouble was this champagne led to more alcohol and dodgy dancing from me in a gay nightclub which was right next door to our apartments ๐Ÿ™‚ , but what a blast that night was….. Especially when they tried to get us to leave and had to play, so long, farewell to get us to leave lol…..ย  Well they shouldn’t have made us feel so welcome in the nightclub lol.


The next day I woke up feeling not too bad… Although Ally did have to put me to bed the night before lol…. ….

This day I was so looking forward to as it was the start of the Global Leaders summit 2018…. As soon as you walk into the auditorium the music is pumping and the DJ is rocking that place so much that you just cannot help but dance ๐Ÿ™‚


Today was our registration day and our FREE swag day eeekkkk…. I was not disappointed….

In our pack we were given a charm, a phone charger, pop sock which attaches to your phone so you can take the perfect selfie without it shaking…. A drinks bottle, badges, A purse, Lip gloss and blusher and much more….. This company just keeps on giving…..


For today’s session we got to meet the vice presidents for each country. These VP’s are just amazing.. They are funny and kind and just so full of knowledge…. We got to meet Tori Poulter the chief sales officer… Tori was having pictures taken with people and I asked for one…. I am 5ft and Tori is a stunning tall lady…. Tori said ” I know what’s wrong with this picture” and brought her top half down to my level.. Amazing lady that thinks of others way more than herself….

The session started with this video which I will just let you watch rather than explain it:


Later on we got to meet Louise White the VP for the UK and Ireland in a separate session where one of the founders, Melanie Huscroft came into the session and spoke to us…. What other company founder comes in and talks to people? Melanie gave this quote which struck a cord with me….

If you want to be happy for a day – Go fishing,
If you want to be happy for a week – Buy a new car,
If you want to be happy for a lifetime – Make it your mission to serve others…ย 

Part of this serving others came in the form of the service incentive trip to Hawaii… Here the company revamped a women’s shelter buying all new items, toys, white goods for the kitchen, a new minibus…. They painted and decorated and even the founders got stuck in with everything…. You can see more of this trip here:

The next day we had more training and got to meet Bob Heilig who helps with personal branding and much more… What an inspiration he is to listen to….

I also got to meet this amazing man…. You may think there is nothing special about Diego, but he is a male make up artist recognised by our company which is mainly women… That’s a huge step…



Not only did the company provide us with lunch and breakfast and had given us free swag the day before…. Today they gave us a make up bag and 2 lots of eyeshadow…..


During our next lot of training, something magical happened…. If you don’t know a lot about this company, then let me tell you about the foundation that this company is built on…..

In the beautiful mountains of Utah there is a building call the ‘Haven Retreat’ and that building is a place that women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse can go for help for free… All they have to do is get themselves there…

On the first day of our training we were given a goal to raise as much money as possible to send 3 people to this retreat….

It was during one of our training sessions that it was discovered one of the ladies who was here for the training is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. A team who were here together discovered this and stood up and clubbed together the flight money for her! They had never met this lady, but they felt the need to help her…. This is what being a Ysister is all about… I cried so much for this lady……

I came away from my time in Sitges with new found confidence and friends. I had ladies who I didn’t know tell me they believed in me and I felt like I could take on anything and win every time…..

I now believe in myself because others believed in me ….

Thank you Sitges for an amazing time x x x





















Fabulous Fridayย 

So this is one of my first picture collages using the new Moonstruck 3D Finer Lashes +

and the splash liquid lipstick in Sentimental

The top right hand picture is my eye with no mascara on and the 2nd one down is with the mascara on… You can also just wear the transplanting gel on it’s own without the fibers! 

I applied the lipstick at 07.00am and then I went to university all day, so I was talking, eating and drinking and not once did I have to reapply it! Normally with my lipstick I have to reapply it at least once, but this stayed until 22.30 when I needed makeup wipes to remove it! That was 15.5 hours of talking, eating, drinking, pursing my lips together! I will say though because I believe in being honest, that by the time I took it off it was starting to fade in the middle and was only leaving the outline, but that’s not bad for 15.5 hours wear! 

The same for the mascara, it needed no touch ups at all! It was easy to apply and if you know me then you’ll know that I am clumsy lol… It also stayed all day as well! 

I have to say that when I saw all my friends doing this I thought yeah yeah, it cannot be that good, but it really is… I am also not one for wearing vibrant colours as I would rather fade into the background than stick out, but I felt like I wanted to stand out in this colour! My lips felt amazing all day. Hey never once dried out and felt moisturised and soft…. 

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ย โ˜˜ May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks โ˜˜ย 


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